Boss RC-30 Looper


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Al meer dan 10 jaar zijn de BOSS Loop Station modellen een gevestigde waarde op het gebied van live looping. De RC30 is een Twin Pedal meersporen looper met twee gesynchroniseerde sporen en ingebouwde loop-effecten. Plug je instrument naar keuze in, of zelfs een microfoon op de XLR-ingang, compleet met fantoomvoeding. Neem vervolgens tot 3 uur aan muziek op in het interne geheugen, al dan niet met effecten. En met de USB 2.0 poort kun je deze muziek makkelijk opslaan op je computer, of je gebruikt deze voor het importeren/exporteren van wav bestanden.


  • Twin Pedal-looper met “echte” stereo-in-/uitgangen
  • 2 gesynchroniseerde stereosporen met aparte volumefaders en spoorkeuzeknoppen
  • Intern geheugen goed voor een opnameduur van 3 uur in stereo
  • 99 geheugens voor de opslag van je “loops”
  • Effecten voor de bewerking van de “loops”
  • Talrijke ingangen: 1/4” A- en B-ingangen, 1/8” AUX-ingang (mini-jack), XLR-ingang met fantoomvoeding
  • USB 2.0-poort voor de verbinding met een computer (import en export van WAV-audiobestanden)
  • “Rhythm Guide”-metronoom met echte drums
  • Werkt op batterijen of een optionele adapter.
  • Twin Stereo Loops

    Create and stack multi-layered loops with twin stereo tracks — each track being independently controllable with dedicated volume faders and track-select buttons. Creating loops is convenient with the Auto Recording feature, which starts recording the moment you begin playing your guitar, bass, keyboard, or singing, or as soon as you start a connected audio player. Count-In mode gives you one-bar of rhythm before recording starts. You can Undo/Redo as you go. The sky’s the limit, with three hours of recording time!

  • Onboard Effects

    Fans of BOSS’s world-famous effects will be pleased to find a lineup of creative effects onboard the RC-30. Bend Down provides a dramatic pitch-bend effect. Step Phaser changes phase in incremental steps. Sweep Filter alters frequency in sync with the current tempo. Tempo Delay produces a tempo-synced delay effect. Lo-Fi intentionally degrades the sound to create a distinctive character. Dunk your loops in cool effects without the cost and hassle of adding external gear.

  • Mic Input

    Vocalists can plug a microphone of their choice directly into the RC-30’s XLR microphone input, complete with phantom power if you wish to use a condenser mic. Sing, overdub, and make multi-layered loops of your voice, create vocal sound-effects patterns, or point the microphone at your acoustic musical instruments, or anything that makes noise and turn it into a cool loop. You don’t have to be a musician to get in on the LoopStation action!

  • Rhythm Guide

    To keep your loops tight and in time, play along with one of the basic rhythm patterns in the RC-30’s onboard library as you record. Ten types of rhythm types are provided, including Rock, Pop, Funk, Shuffle, R&B, and Latin. A dedicated knob lets you adjust the volume of the rhythm, and you can set the tempo via tap tempo. You can also specify the time signature. When you save a phrase, the rhythm type and time signature will also be saved.

  • USB Connectivity

    You can connect the RC-30 to your computer via a standard USB cable, and back up your RC-30 phrases to your computer for safekeeping. You can also load WAV files from your computer directly into the RC-30. The RC-30 accepts 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files of up to 1.7GB in size.

  • AUX Input

    In addition to recording your instrument performances and turning them into playable loops, you can record other external stereo audio sources via the AUX IN. Sound from a digital-audio player or other device connected to the AUX input can easily be recorded and added to your loop.