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Miraphone 86A Lak

Miraphone 86A Lak

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Tuning: Bb

Intonation: 443 Hz

Valve system: rotary valves

Valves: 4 rotary valves

Size: 4/4

Bell diameter: 450 mm (17,717")

Bore of valve section: 19,6 mm (0,772")

Material in body: yellow brass

Material lied pipe: nickel silver

Material valve section: nickel silver trimmings

Bell: with nickel silver wreath

Lever system: spiral spring system

Rod: Miraphone minibal rod

Fnish: silver plated

Strap ring: with strap ring

Lyre holder: with lyre holder

Mouthpiece: TU29

Instrument total height: 1010 mm

Total weight: 9,70 kg