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Pearl PFB-305E Dwarsfluit Bas

3 299,00

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Pearl’s Bass flute completes the Harmony Ensemble of instruments. Like all Pearl flutes, the new PFB-305 features our Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core Bar construction. and keys The Pearl mechanism, balance, Silver Plated Headjoint, Body, and Footjoint, make the PFB-305 an excellent choice for any aged player in solo repertoire, chamber music or in flute choir.

The PFB-305’s headjoint is designed to achieve dramatic resonance and ease of response at all dynamic levels in any octave.

Features also include stylish wooden touch pads, French pointed arms and a hand turned T style left hand support. The PFB-305 comes standard with a French style case, Fleece lined case cover,
cleaning rod, gauze and polishing cloth.